December 21st is a special date for many reasons. It is known as Winter Solstice – the longest night of the year. It also happens to mark the birthday of Cannery Brewing’s Assistant BrewMaster Chuck Hart. So, it seems perfectly fitting that to celebrate both of these occasions, Chuck also started brewing the 1000th batch of Cannery Brewing beer!

The staff and fans of Cannery Brewing have been eagerly tracking the much-anticipated date of this milestone 1000th batch for many weeks! Co-owner Patt Dyck talked about this important milestone, “Celebrating our 1000th batch of beer is definitely an important milestone for the Cannery Brewing Company. We feel absolutely honoured to have so many loyal fans who enjoy our hand-crafted ales and lagers. Without our loyal supporters, we would not be where we are today!”

In a baby-pool type contest, Cannery Brewing fans were invited to post their guesses for the date and time of the 1000th brew on Cannery Brewing’s Facebook Fan page. Fan Mike Em who guessed the correct date of Dec. 21st, was the winner and won himself a Cannery Brewing beer lovers gift pack! Dyck explains, “We did not plan for the 1000 th batch to happen on Chuck’s birthday or on the date of Winter Solstice but each day, production plans change many times. As late as yesterday afternoon, we were still discussing whether we would be able to fit the 1000th brew in before we closed for Christmas!”

When asked what he would be doing tonight, Hart said he’d be enjoying his birthday on the longest night of the year with the tallest, coldest glass of Cannery Brewing beer he can get his hands on. “It will definitely be a glass of Anarchist Amber Ale, which happened to be the flavour of beer that marked the 1000th brew”, said Hart.

This is the second major milestone for Penticton-based microbrewery Cannery Brewing, as just last month, they celebrated their 10th anniversary! Dyck commented, “2011 has been a very special year for us.”

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