In recent months, Penticton-based microbrewery Cannery Brewing has created quite a stir and caused many people to sit-up and notice the small brewery that could. And now this small brewery is growing even bigger!

On the heels of some significant national exposure for their recent wins in the Canadian Brewing Awards and the launch of their lower-alcohol beer, No Jail Pale Ale, the demand for Cannery Brewing products has increased. In order to meet the increased demand for their fine hand-crafted beverages, Cannery Brewing has added two new 45 hectalitre fermenter tanks, which will allow them to increase their overall brewing capacity by an additional 20%.

Patt Dyck, co-owner of Cannery Brewing explained, “Because we’re a small brewery, we have the ability to quickly adapt to meet the changing needs of consumers. When we were asked for a great-tasting, lower-alcohol beer, we were able to get something to market in quick-order.” Having these two new tanks will allow Cannery Brewing the enhanced brewing capacity to produce the range of beers that people are asking for.

The tanks were custom-built by Summerland-based Interior Stainless Inc.. Jim Ure, Owner of Interior Stainless sells custom-made beer tanks to brewpubs and microbrewerys around North America. Ure commented, “It’s nice to have two local businesses work together. We’ve been working with Cannery Brewing since 2001 and we’re proud to have been alongside them as they grow.” Dyck is thrilled to have a local Okanagan supplier for the tanks. “You would expect to have to go to a major market to purchase custom-manufactured beer tanks. It’s a delight to have our supplier just 15 minutes up the highway.” The two giant tanks were delivered from Summerland to Penticton on Friday, January 14th.

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