New beer coming to the aid of beleaguered restaurant and bar industry

A brand new lower-alcohol beer, No Jail Pale Ale, will be introduced by award-winning Cannery Brewing Company of Penticton at 1:00pm, Tuesday, December 7 at Penticton‟s Kettle Valley Station Pub in the Ramada Inn & Suites.

B.C. restaurants and bars have been reeling from the impact of the new lower breathalyzer limit. Inspired by a request from Kettle Valley Station Pub‟s Martin Lewis, Cannery Brewing decided to do something positive to help both the bars and restaurants and their customers, who want to drink responsibly and still enjoy a good beer.

Their goal was to produce a lower-alcohol beer with an authentic ale taste. The result is a clean, crisp ale with a bright hop finish and only 3.05% alcohol, about 40% less than conventional beer.

Patt Dyck, one of the owners of Cannery Brewing said, “Cannery Brewing is known for its „big flavour‟ beers. We didn‟t want this beer to be an exception to that, although we knew that it would be a challenge to get the flavour, colour and body that we were looking for in such a low alcohol profile. We went to work and developed a unique new recipe using special brewing techniques to produce an ale that meets our standards yet offers a lower alcohol content. No Jail Pale Ale can take its place in our line up of premium beers with a full-flavoured taste and complexity that people have come to expect from Cannery Brewing beers.”

Initial response from those who have sampled the new beer has been enthusiastic.

Martin Lewis, manager of the Kettle Valley Station Pub explained, “We offer patrons who want to drink responsibly a selection of reduced and no-alcohol cocktails and beverages in our “Choices” menu. The challenge we made to Ron, Patt and the Cannery Brewing staff was to overcome the taste barrier in a reduced alcohol beer, and with No Jail Pale Ale I think they have succeeded magnificently.”

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