As the owners of Cannery Brewing, Ron and Patt Dyck, and Terry Schoffer have made it a commitment to evolve and innovate to keep up with the needs of their customers and the industry. To meet these needs, they have recently undergone a major expansion at the brewery, which is located in the Cannery Trade Centre, at Duncan and Fairview, in Penticton, BC. They have taken over some additional space in the Cannery, which has allowed for an expansion both in the brewing area and in the retail store.

In the newly expanded brewing area, you will find 2 brand-new 40-hectalitre tanks. These glycol- jacketed, temperature controlled tanks are used to ferment and condition the beer. These new tanks allow for an increase in capacity, as they hold twice as much beer. They also allow for an increase in flexibility. Terry Schoffer, BrewMaster at Cannery Brewing explains: "€œThe brewery will be able to do more things at once, and will be better able to meet the demand throughout the hottest beer-drinking days of the year. The brewing process and the taste of the beer will remain the same."

In the new retail store, you will find unique beer gear including t-shirts, hats and beer steins. You will also find some unique products made with Cannery Brewing beers. And of course, you will find great beer to purchase..... including cans, bottles, 8.5L party pigs, kegs and gift packs.

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